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About Us Exclusively Treating Auto & Work Injuries


When accidents happen it's important to find a chiropractor that is easy to access and for your convenience we have five office locations. Our patients come from all over the County to receive chiropractic treatment at our Clinics.

Your doctor and competent staff will meet with you to discuss how to best treat your injuries. Then a thorough interview and examination will be performed, utilizing orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic tests. With 5 locations you have convenient access to our chiropractors in Phoenix, Mesa in Arizona.

Accident Care will be using Passive motion tables to safely prevent scar tissue from becoming chronic pain by remove irritation to constricted nerves and stretching tight ligaments and musculature.


REHABILITATION BEDClinica Real offers comprehensive rehabilitation from day one. After an accident, the last thing a patient wants is to drive all over town just to get the health care that ACS can provide under one roof. In the weeks after an accident returning to work is often hard and complicated by an injury. When you have all your post accident treatment in the same location, you receive unparalleled communication between you, the doctor and the staff. It’s important for us to know each and every one of our patients in order to give them the attention that is needed for a complete and total recovery.


Flexibility, Balance, Strength, Endurance


Contractile and noncontractile tissues are both susceptible to tightening when injured or exposed to a neurological disease process that causes weakening and/or spasticity. Prevention, through careful and regular movement and stretching, is key to maintaining flexibility. However, consideration must be taken regarding restrictions to mobility in post-operative or post-traumatic healing.

Along with active and passive stretching to increase flexibility, therapeutic exercise may include education about body mechanics, gait and locomotion training, neuromuscular re-education, developmental activities and relaxation


The ability to maintain one’s center of gravity and execute complex patterns of movement with the right timing and sequencing is essential to motor function.

Coordination and balance are usually trained using motor learning principles, important components of a therapeutic exercise program designed to increase function. Tools such as a wobble board or balance balls will be utilized to restore or increase your balance and coordination


Strengthening the muscles around the spine also prevents future injuries from occurring.


Endurance increases the ability to perform activities over a prolonged period. When muscular endurance is developed, a muscle can generate and sustain a larger number of contractions. Muscles that maintain proper posture and alignment are fatigued easy when unconditioned.

Strengthening injured muscles is the final phase of rehabilitation. Strength returns to muscles once the heeling phase is fully underway. We will design a series of exercises that will rebuild the strength in your injured muscles and return you to the activities you love to do.

Auto Injury

In the U.S., we live in a society where there are almost as many cars as there are human beings. Based on numbers alone, the chances of you experiencing an accident in a motor vehicle are incredibly high. You can take all precautions like being attentive, wearing your seat-beat and practicing safe driving techniques. Car companies have even improved safety requirements with the advent of front and side airbags. They have also improved engineering to design a car that can withstand and disperse the impact of an accident. However, in the end, an accident is an accident.
Often, once the immediate pain and shock of the accident starts to subside, what follows is much more of a pain in the neck. Many times accident victims have to deal with missed time at work, medical bills and vehicle repairs. Accident Care Specialists know that this process can be difficult and care about getting you back to1 00% as soon as possible. We have developed a program that takes care of you from the first minute and supports you all the way to the end of rehabilitation. With the additional hassles that come with being involved in an automobile accident, there is no need to make your health care treatment difficult. You don’t need to drive from one side of town or worry about miscommunication between doctors. Rehabilitation is the most important part of this whole process. We want to make it the easiest part as well.

Why Controlled Passive Motion (CPM)

CPM ChartBad Immobilization Gets Worse (atrophies) Only if unstable fracture

OK but Active Exercise doesn’t heal as well

BEST Controlled Passive is complete and Consistent for the best healing in the fastest time.

x-raysImmobilized No obvious healing in 3 wks and worse @ 10wks

Intermit Active Exercise shows incomplete healing

CPM shows Best Results To stop chronic problems Less adhesion's (scarring) and more normal Hyaline Cartilage


Robert Salter MD, Father of CPM

As a result of Salter's efforts it is now widely (dare I say universally?) recognized that continuous passive motion is of enormous value. It stimulates the healing of all the tissues involved in movement and speeds the return of function after injury or operation. ALAN GRAHAM APLEY, F.R.C.S.

CPM at home to stop pain by MD Pain Specialist

3 reasons for CPM following a soft tissue surgical procedure or trauma movement of Nutrients in Waste products out, and Prevention of fibrous scar tissue.