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Many people take their mobility for granted until they have suffered injuries in an accident or developed conditions that rob them of their ability to move without pain. When they want to regain their mobility, people are encouraged to undergo chiropractic services. The services available from us at Clinica Real help patients find relief from pain and assist them in becoming mobile and active people once again.

Located in Mesa, Arizona and several chiropractor offices in Phoenix, Clinica Real can help a wide variety of patients. Mesa itself prides itself on its reputation of being an active and healthy city. National polls rank the city as one of the best cities in which to walk and exercise. The city also has a reputation of being a progressive and energetic city, one that leads cities of comparable size in commerce and education. Thus, we at Clinica Real value Mesa residents’ desire to regain their ability to walk and live without pain. We offer innovative services developed here in Arizona to help people return to their normal lives.

Returning to a normal life can particularly be difficult after an accident. In addition to the emotional and mental stress that often comes with accidents, people also must deal with the physical results of being injured. Many patients require hospitalization and even surgery for their injuries. When they are released from the hospital, however, they may wonder what the process will be like as they try to regain their ability to walk, bend, and move freely.

Even more, the range of injuries they may have suffered in an accident can be daunting. Common results from accidents include injuries to the neck, back, arms, legs, and head. The pain from these injuries causes people to suffer frequent headaches, blurred vision, and pain when walking or bending over. Moreover, they may not be able to lift things, pick things up, drive a car, or perform any number of other common daily tasks. When they come to us at Cinica Real, however, we can assess the damage to people’s bodies and determine how best to help them. We can then recommend and begin a variety of chiropractic services to help them begin their recoveries.

We also understand that many patients are concerned with the costs of our services. We make our chiropractor treatments affordable for all of our patients, allowing them to feel comfortable about agreeing to treatment and helping them focus on recovering rather than paying for their services. Patients have enough to focus on as they rebuild their lives after an accident. We at Clinica Real do not want to add to their burdens by overcharging for our chiropractor treatments. We strive to help people recover thoroughly and resume their normal lives after an accident.