Clinica Real


We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our office and provide you with some information about our offices and what you can expect during your care at Clinica Real.

At Clinica Real you will be treated according to the severity of you injuries. The doctors that you will be seeing have many years experience in treating patients with your type of injuries. Their goal is to get you to a point that you no longer need to receive care in our offices as a result of this accident as quickly as possible. We also have a network of specialist doctors who we refer to, i.e: Orthopedists, Neurologists, Hand and Foot specialists, Plastic surgeons, Family physicians, Eye specialists, Neuro-psychologist’s, MRI facilities, and of course various hospitals. Most of the time referrals to a specialist are not needed.

To accomplish our goal the doctors will use various therapies, at his disposal to accomplish this. These therapies are for 1. Relief of your pain; 2. Therapeutically restore your range of motion; 3. Rehabilitative by rebuilding strength in your injured muscles, and 4. Rehabilitative by building endurance in your injured muscles.

Below you will find the various therapies the doctor may use to reach our goals of getting you better. There is a brief explanation of what each therapy is and what we are looking to accomplish with each. Also we have included what our fee is for each therapy. Our fees are based upon national publications and are considered reasonable rates for our area.

Chiropractic Manipulation – The doctor uses his hands to get the joints in the spine to move and relieve the pressure in the joint that has built up. Usually there is “pop” called “Cavitation” pushing unwanted Nitrogen gas out. This is done in all phases of treatment. All other therapy done in the office is used to help in this change, and to stabilize your spine.

IST or Intersegmental Traction – A traction device that causes traction of the spine to create a pumping action which promotes nutrients and blood supply to reach the intervertabral disc and spinal nerves. This is usually performed in all phases of treatment. This treatment is the only treatment that uses a Fulcrum to lift and separate the spinal bones and Discs,  Traction with exercise has a better effect on healing compared to exercise alone.  

For Neck Mid and Low Back

Galvanic Stimulation- Feels tingly, but shrinks swelling and increases circulation to the area. This is usually used only in the first two phases of treatment.

Diathermy: Dry Heat used to increase circulation if Galvanic is not getting deep enough to show a change. This therapy like GAL is usually only used in the first two phases of treatment.

Therapeutic Exercises- These are in office exercises given to first relieve pain, then improve range of motion in the injuried joints, and then finally restore strength and endurance in the injured muscles. These exercises are usually done with the use of passive tables, but can also be done with exercise balls or bands or without extra equipment, depending on the area and objective. These passive tables continuously stretch your ligaments and muscles through normal movement. They are commonly used to break up adhesions. Adhesions are also common following injuries which lead to arthritis called post traumatic arthritis. Theses’ exercises are the main reason we can dismiss you in a shorter time.

X-rays- The doctors a Clinica Real try to keep the use of x-rays to a minimum therefore they will take only the views that are absolutely necessary to get the information they require to help get you better.

Home stretching exercises- These exercises are to be done at home. After you have finished treating at Clinica Real you may feel a particular area tighten up, or you may feel the pain come back some. You can always return to our offices and have a doctor check you, but usually these exercises are sufficient to relieve the discomfort.